Africa Sports Ventures Group is a For profit Limited Liability Sports Solutions, Services and Business Corporation whose key purpose is operating a portfolio of profit making business ventures in any and every area that presents an opportunity it deems appropriate enough to earn revenue from, to meets its objectives and mandates.

One of such key Objective is to fully invest its earnings back into the sports industry of Africa in various formats that range from funding to sponsorship of solutions that meet the needs of its partners and clients.

It has also created a boon for entrepreneurs in many parts of the world that has helped to transform the socio-economic landscape of those communities through amenities, facilities and jobs that ultimately adds value to the bottom line for the governments of those countries in the form of taxes.

Africans are worldwide renowned to be naturally gifted athletes, who many times go on to dominate any sports discipline they put their focus to. However, the results of the excellence in performances and the draw that it creates as far as fan engagement and subsequent income earned are not evident and translatable to commercial value and economic success for most of Africa.

African Athletes and Sports Teams and National Sports apparatuses suffer from one common malaise and that is lack of access to reliable sponsorship and funding to achieve successes in programs as Individuals, clubs or nations on the continental and global stage. Many of our administrators under-perform for a variety of reasons.

Africa Sports Ventures Group through its Solutions and Services Sectors establishes partnerships with every and any sports programs, private and public to help them build capacity so as to succeed in their efforts to build and create a sustainable environment for their programs to succeed.
The Company through its business ventures provides a reliable Sponsorship and Funding environment for its clients and partners and any organization engaged in valid and sustainable sports event organizing and programs.

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 ASVG North america internship program

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ASVG North America Division is pleased to announce its 2020 Internship Program open to currently enrolled college students and recent graduates in the United States. Qualified applicants will assist ASVG Executives in corporate affairs, legal affairs, media & communication, branding & marketing, partnership development and talent management.

The internship is a great opportunity to work with high-level executives and gain experience in all levels of entrepreneurship and sports business. The application process is open. Interested candidates should complete the ASVG Internship Application below and send a copy of their transcript to

Siphiwe Baleka is the Regional Director, ASVG North America and serves as a mentor for both Missouri State University and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale University.

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